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Will Egli

2015 Halloween ComicFest

Halloween Comic Fest at Cheese Boy Comics!

Cheese Boy Comics Halloween ComicFest

This Halloween enjoy a fun-filled day of FREE comics & sketches from local artists, raffles, sales, and much more at the 2015 Halloween ComicFest at Cheese Boy Comics in Las Vegas Read more

Free Comic Book Day 2015 Photos

Free Comic Book Day 2015 Photos

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us for Free Comic Book Day 2015. Thank you to Vegas Batman and the Critical Care Comics cosplayers for spending the day with us giving fans photo opportunities and raising money for their great cause. Thank you to Fat Beard, whose Avengers: Age of Ultron prints were a big hit, and to Deryl Skelton for joining us with special prices on his amazing artwork. We’d also like to thank Joshua Johnson, Ish, James Stone, Jessthulhu, Mystical Mishka’s Artifacts, Sassy Chey Bows, Will Egli, Jordan Padilla, and Karl & Rochelle Larson for joining us as well.

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